Short Stories

Passion in Transit

An advertisement on the city bus catches Cassandra’s attention during her commute and gets her ruminating over her lackluster life. As she absently gazes out the window contemplating a failed relationship from her past, a stranger takes the empty seat beside her. The antics of her seat companion jar Cassandra back to the present and force her to make some surprising decisions.

The Short story,“Passion in Transit”, is published on-line in Brian Henry’s Quick Brown Fox.

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Making Plans

The No Ordinary Day Anthology is a collection of stories from 27 Canadian writers built around the theme “from the ordinary to the extraordinary”.  Travel from the past to the future, to your own back yard through a multitude of genres exploring the many subtleties of storytelling. Poetry, flash fiction, and short tales are all included in this anthology created by the Writer’s Community of York Region (WCYR) and edited by Sheila Horne.  

“Making Plans” is part of this collection. The story begins with Ginny, the mortician, arriving for her morning shift at the funeral home and finding an old man and his grandson waiting at the front door with an unusual request. What follows turns out to be anything but an ordinary day for the unlikely trio.

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